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Dorman & Smiths (1938-1944)
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This book is a unique opportunity to relive the memories of my Grandfather, Albert Eden, covering the period when he left school aged fourteen to go working for Dorman and Smiths Holding Ltd; a medium sized electrical firm which had been turned over to making influential Anti-Submarine Radar equipment, as well as other various types of war work. It is an unashamedly truthful and entertaining account of this period of time, whilst working amongst an eclectic mix of personalities, and witnessing how the pressures of war and responsibility had affected the morale of the workforce. His story gives us a sense of what it must have been like going to work for the very first time during the outbreak of the Second World War, and how quickly responsibility would come calling.


T minus 56s

Fifty-two turns (2012)

In 56 seconds the hands of a paper clock performs fifty two complete rotations.


 It reminds us of our unique relationship to time, 

and what we choose to do with it.

It is a playful reminder that everything must end. 

T-56s is a countdown to its departure.